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Sludge doom / Cherkassy, Ukraine


Blitz Interview

1. Let's start with the presentation. Introduce your band. Maybe few words about the history of the band?

Celophys - sludge doom duo from central Ukraine (Cherkassy) formed in 2012 by Alexander Beregovoy.

2. Everybody, as a rule, give stylistic labels. What about you, how do you stylistically indicate your music?

At the beginning of our way Celophys was stoner doom band,but then we started to use some sludgy and hardcore riffs

3. Your album is already available to listeners. How would you describe it?

Now we are working on a new (forth ) album, and it will be more low and havier than previous

4. If you still separate the music from the lyrics, what is more important to you? Or is it still a mutually complementary symbiosis?

Lyrics important as the music. Lyrical themes mainly paleontological but also about life struggles

5. Do you create ideas for visual creation of your music (cover) by yourself?

Yes, pure diy and then artists help us to make it happend

6. What about the live performances? How does the public perceive your work?

Sludge doom - music is not for every body, especialy in Ukraine, but who understant our music enjoy it a lot, and its great. On thematic events public like that what we do

7. Is there any foreign bands that influenced your music, style, lyrics? If there, which ones?

Of course at the first place its Weedeater! Then Pombagira, Fistula, Midmourner and ofcourse Black Sabbath

8. Which Ukrainian doom / stoner / occult groups do you like? Recommend someone to the readers.

Of course! Soom, Bomg, Keepler 18, Shiva the Destructor and many other... Ukrainian doom\stoner\sludge scene has a big potencial

9. Share your plans for the future?

At first to finish upcomig album and play shows

10. Good luck and thanks for your time.

Long live and prosper, bongs up!


22 january 2018




"Triassic Desert"  full-length 2012

"Phobos Elevator" full-length 2013

"Ammonite" full-length 2015


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