20 -August -2017 - 01:24

They are kind, and they are always among us!

The poll is proposed for your attention keepers "Witch House"
We vote only for the song below!
(Not for the album, or for the popularity of the band, but only for the proposed song!)

What song did you like?

Строительная доска объявлений на сайте fortstroi.com.ua
Как заработать на недвижимости, подробнее на сайте comintour.net
Придомовая территория, норматив здесь http://stroidom-shop.ru/pravila/pridomovaya-territoriya.html


Cool all here! But you have to choose one!
We vote!

(note: every 8 hours you can go and vote again, for example, for the second participant)




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