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Blitz Interview.

1. Let's start with the presentation. Introduce your band. Maybe few words about the history of the band?

We're Shiva the Destructor and we're based in Kyiv, Ukraine. There are four of us – Andrew Pryimak on vocals and guitar, Andrew Sernyak on bass and vocals, Rodion Tsikra on guitar, and Marco Sharyi on drums.

The band was formed in 2012, when Marco got kicked out of another band and started playing with Andrew S., whom he knew from the university. Our band name was created back then – we think of Shiva as a comic book superhero of some sorts. Or a mascot. Sometimes Shiva serves as our lyrical hero.

The band had to undergo several transformations before we started playing in our current lineup. Andrew P. joined Marco and Andrew S. in spring 2013. In autumn 2014, Rodion saw us at one of our earlier gigs and then randomly approached Andrew S. and asked if we were up to having a band practice with him. That's how it all started.

It's an interesting coincidence that Rodion – a then-new guitarist for the band – moved to Kyiv from Donetsk, where the war had started, soon after one of our previous guitarists had left to the warzone to serve in a volunteer battalion. Thankfully, his service is over now, and we're sure he has a peaceful and prosperous life ahead of him.

After Rodion joined us, we rethought some of our previous songs and created some new ones, played some gigs, and then recorded and released our Supreme Light EP in September 2015. We didn’t know what to expect as it was our debut. But people seemed to enjoy our music.

Now we’re working on our first full-scale album.

2. Everybody, as a rule, give stylistic labels. What about you, how do you stylistically indicate your music?

Rodion (kidding): turbo-disco-doom.

Marco: I'd boil it down to psychedelic rock.

Andrew P.: Yeah, I think we may fit into psychedelic rock, though what we play is rather a mixture of styles, ranging from softer genres to more rough and spiky ones.

3. Your album is already available to listeners. How would you describe it?

Supreme Light EP went public in September 2015.

We'd rather trust the judgment to the listeners, but as we are now well aware their thoughts are too diverse to cover or generalize.

The EP was an introduction into our ideas and feelings both for our listeners and for ourselves, as we’re still getting to know each other – it’s a long way to go, and we're certain there are many things yet to be discovered.

Recording it was a completely new experience for most of us, and we learnt a lot of things.

Looks like it was a good start, and the way people liked it kinda puts us under pressure now. Our first LP is being recorded these days, and we expect to release it by mid-autumn, provided everything goes well.

4. If you still separate the music from the lyrics, what is more important to you? Or is it still a mutually complementary symbiosis?

Marco: Vocals and lyrics are an independent self-consistent instrument.

Andrew P.: Lyrics define what the song is about and help communicate with the listener.

5. Do you create ideas for visual creation of your music (cover) by yourself?

If you’re asking about an album artwork, we have a dedicated person for that. She is a very talented artist with a distinct style. We share our ideas with her, and then she creates amazing things out of nowhere.

6. What about the live performances? How does the public perceive your work?

Quite often we meet some challenges when building our sound as not always we may bring our sound engineer with us. Apart from that, we really enjoy playing live, as it’s a good chance to check out how people react and also to get some fresh audience.

As for the public's perception of our live performances, normally people are either standing still or swinging slowly while staring into the void [another joke]. It’s the public to ask, really.

7. Are there any foreign bands that influenced your music, style, lyrics? If there are, which ones?

We seem quite incompatible in our musical tastes but we view it as an advantage, though.

If combined, our tastes and influences would range from Om to Wham!, from Rush to the Doors, from Queen to Muse, from the Beatles to Tool, from Beastie Boys to the Prodigy.

8. Which Ukrainian doom / stoner / occult groups do you like? Recommend someone to the readers.

We've played gigs with many Ukrainian bands, and all of them have their unique vibes. It's tough to pick just a few, but straight of our heads here come Dreadnought, Borum, Somali Yacht Club, Bomg, Dakha Brakha, Mother Witch and Dead Water Ghosts, SOOM, Stoned Jesus, and Ethereal Riffian… But remember there's always more to discover!

9. Share your plans for the future?

We're going to finish our new album, release it, then go on a tour, get some fame, women, booze, become more popular than Stoned Jesus, collect ideas for another album and think about how we can transcend ourselves.

10. Good luck and thanks for your time.

Thank you, too! It was fun, actually. We finally had a good chance to think and talk about ourselves for once in a while!



"Supreme Light" EP 2015

[Title TBA]  Fall 2017


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