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atmospheric death doom / Kiev, Ukraine 


Blitz Interview. 

1. Let's start with the presentation. Introduce your band. Maybe few words about the history of the band?

We’ve been playing since 2014. Wrote some cool songs, and surely took our time to get a good line-up. The songs right now serve as our landmarks – if experienced in right order (we won't tell right now, do the guessing homework), our songs show how exactly the band was becoming one, how each new member was adding another dimension to our music. Right now that we've become one, we're shifting towards writing more conceptual material.


2. Everybody, as a rule, give stylistic labels. What about you, how do you stylistically indicate your music?

A poisonously melodic metal. Or fucked up nostalgic atheistic melodic downtempo djent, whichever suits you better. We do the music, not the labeling.

3 (1). Your album is already available to listeners. How would you describe it?

Those are demo songs, not an album, so only partial concept can be perceived. It's already pretty fucked up nostalgic atheistic and melodic, but the 'downtempo djent' part needs more love. Our next song, which debuted live recently, and will hit youtube in a couple of weeks, will elaborate more on that part.

4. If you still separate the music from the lyrics, what is more important to you? Or is it still a mutually complementary symbiosis?

We convey emotions, with words being secondary to creating an emotion. Music is everything. Lyrics are only a means for our vocalists to use their voices.

5. Do you create ideas for visual creation of your music (cover) by yourself?

None of us is a painter. Be sure to expect more random scenery photos for visuals, for the time being.

6. What about the live performances? How does the public perceive your work?

Quite good, and we're working on putting up a better show.

7. Is there any foreign bands that influenced your music, style, lyrics? If there, which ones?

As for music – there's quite strong influence of Paradise Lost and other classic gothic death/doom bands.

Male vocalist likes depressive black metal, that’s why he tries to integrate a scream of all sorts.

Lyrics-wise, bands like Saturnus, Draconian, Nightwish, Tristania, Anathema, My Dying Bride, Shape of Despair, Katatonia, Skepticism, Numenorean, and the likes, writing about love, death, unicorns and all that trivial crap, inspired us to do exactly the opposite. We don't do trivial.

8. Which Ukrainian doom, stoner and etc groups do you like? Recommend someone to the readers.

Polynove Pole, Drudkh, 1914, Velikhan

9. Share your plans for the future?

There'll be a lot of music, that's for sure. We'll play a lot, there are lazy talks about shooting a video, and we have a lot of ideas ready to become songs.

10. Good luck and thanks for your time.


june 1, 2019



"The Name / Omerta" two songs single 2018


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