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Mother Witch & Dead Water Ghosts

psychedelic occult doom / Odessa, Ukraine

Blitz Interview.

1. Let's start with the presentation. Introduce your band. Maybe few words about the history of the band?

We were born in 2013 in Odessa and spent one year on making music at rehearsals just for ourselves. We just wanted to make music, something close to blues-rock. Exactly year after our first rehearsal we gave our first concert at old liquor manufacture in Odessa and few days later we were performing at one of the biggest stoner/doom/sludge/psychedelic festival in Ukraine – Electric Meadow. As we understood, audience liked us so we decided to record an album. And after that we started to play at many gigs and genre festivals. Another year later, in 2015 we signed a DGRecords label from USA and with support of Moscow No Name, No Logo label and Indian label The Mighty Riff we released our second album “Ruins of Faith” on CD`s. In a while label from Netherlands DHU Records released our album on vinyl. For all of these years line-up of our band was changing for a million times and the only one who stayed with from the very beginning is my bass player. So now Mother Witch & Dead Water Ghosts is 5 people party: guitarists Sergey and Eugene, bass player Vitaliy, recently we found new drummer Vladimir and actually me.

2. Everybody, as a rule, give stylistic labels. What about you, how do you stylistically indicate your music?

We make music that flows from our consciousness, understanding of life and, for sure, from our hearts. And i think it`s not our job to give stylistic label. Some people think that we are doom, some people hear something from post-metal and psychedelic. We can`t describe it. Once we were labeled as occult doom, but I don`t think that now we have a lot from it)

3. Your album is already available to listeners. How would you describe it?

Now, at this moment, I can only about my feelings after creating and recording it. I`ve never thought it would be very interesting to other people, who are not our friends)   It was very personal, it was a sign that I found right guys to play with. Cause they`ve opened my head and my heart and created so beautiful and powerful music. It`s totally different from our first soft album. It`s more powerful, it`s more heavy, there are a lot of expression and a lot of simple but rocking riffs. Both of our album were united by desire to play and to perform and desire to create something. Our last single “Ode to a Cold Heart” from upcoming album is totally different from our previous music. That is something that will be at our future album. Melodic, soft and the same time heavy, powerful but with that kind of man power and aura in woman, that symbiosis of energies, also Includes romantic representations, inherent only to men – that`s what is coming soon. The best compliment for us was when we were playing “Ode” at one of the gig and few girls came to us and they were crying and then we realise that we are doing it right.

4. If you still separate the music from the lyrics, what is more important to you? Or is it still a mutually complementary symbiosis?

Well it`s a shame for me ahah cause i`m the one who is writing lyrics and it was totally disaster with “Ruins of Faith” cause for me at that moment was more important the melody and combination of vocal melody and guitar riffs. As time passed and we get into that more serious, and I realised that you have a channel to say something, to express your feelings and thoughts so now i`m taking it more responsible and serious.  I think that both of it is important, and I can say only for myself that it`s the best way to combine lyrics, vocal melody and music. It`s hard, it`s difficult, you feel yourself so dumb every time you`re trying to write down your story or thoughts and make good lyrics from that. But for sure, symbiosis and balance is always the best way to make it.

5. Do you create ideas for visual creation of your music (cover) by yourself?

Yes. It`s long and hard process. Sure, we always trying to find a compromise to create an art that would describe and reflect view of every member of the band, to find an artist who will understand you and create something beautiful that will take it`s place.

6. What about the live performances? How does the public perceive your work?

It`s hard to say, you have to ask public) It depends on a lot of stuff, but usually we have a lot of good reviews and comments about show. Sometimes we don`t) Sometimes we feel like “Yes, today we were good” and other show will be very bad because of a lot of stuff. Sometimes we fight, sometimes we are the best friends for each other in the world and it effects on how we will perform today.

7. Is there any foreign bands that influenced your music, style, lyrics? If there, which ones?

A lot of them and non of them. I mean if musician says “There was no influence on me from other bands” it will be a lie. The first time I thought that I want to create a band, I was influenced with a band of Jack White – The Dead Weather and I was so excited about their music and what they do and how it looks and sounds. But then I started to discover more doomy stuff and now it`s hard to say what influenced me. Every of us listens to different genres of music and somehow we make a syntheses of it, of our emotions about it, and create some new elements and it`s nice when you create something and the one, who have never been into that music can make a difference of your songs or of your band ahah 

8. Which Ukrainian doom / stoner / occult groups do you like? Recommend someone to the readers.

Well, actually, it`s pretty hard for me now and it`s hard at all to name doom and occult bands in Ukraine, so I will just recommend bands that are the part of our small stoner/doom/psychedelic scene. I can recommend my sugar boys Shiva the Destructor, they more psychedelic I guess, but they are one of my favorite. Soom & Bomg is for lovers of heavy trips and wall of sound. My first ukrainian stoner band that I heard was Stoned Jesus and Somali Yacht Club, and they are very good for sure. Hm, maybe that`s all in exact genre.

9. Share your plans for the future?

Oh, God. We want to record new album that actually is ready. We want to play gigs at home and go on tour to Europe, we want to play until we can.

10. Good luck and thanks for your time.

Thank you.


"Mother Witch & Dead Water Ghosts" full-length 2014

"Subterranean V" single 2015

"Two Of Us" single 2015

"Ruins of Faith" full-length 2015

"Ode to a Cold Heart" single 2017


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